Vera James

Ashlene, The drop in Blood Pressure is a symptom of MSA it’s called orthostatic hypotension. It can drop when they stand up or when they get up out of bed. Drinking water will help bring the blood pressure up, but there are also medication that can help. Those you would have to ask his doctor about. Things that may help with the drop is to eat smaller meals 5 or 6 times a day instead of the 3 larger meals. The blood goes to the stomach to help digest the food and the larger the meal, the more blood goes to help digest and away from the head were you want it to be. There is a site that is about this problem that you can view at http://www.signsofnoh.com/

Fatigue is also another problem that seems to happen. This is because most patients won’t go into the REM sleep and they acted out their dreams. This can make them very fatigue so many will sleep for long periods during the day.

Many patients don’t have the normal body temp that you or I would have. It can run a few degrees lower. If this should be the same with your father, then if it happen to go to the degree that is normal for you, then it could be a low grade temp and showing that there is an infections of some kind. Infections could be a UTI (Bladder) or pneumonia. These can cause some symptoms to because worst until they are treated.
I found with my husband sometimes you have to be a little pushies (but in a nice way )with the doctors to get them to do things .
There is a site written by doctors on MSA that list different medications to treat different symptoms. It is written by doctors in the USA, but you may still want to read it and learn more on this disorder. I believe the more we know as carepartner , the better we are armed when we go to the doctor. The site is http://emedicine.medscape.com/article/1154583-overview . It is 35 pages or so , but worth reading.