It’s not for me to say but my understanding is that MSA is still NOT thought
to be hereditary. And you are doing the right thing by seeing a neurologist
– they are the only people who can advise. Very few will say a patient has
MSA for certain – Patricia’s neurologist said he was very sure that she had
the SND form MSA but he said that only an autopsy would prove it – which it

But if your neurologist is of the opinion that you don’t have MSA, ask him
to investigate Lumbar Canal Stenosis. I suffer from this ailment and have
many of your symptoms.

Also – you say you were an airline pilot which means spending hours sitting
in a less than desirable seat – not good for our backs. I have a friend
here where I live who is a retired airline pilot and he has terrible back
and legs/feet problems which he attributes to his having been a pilot.

Take care