Rick Edwards

Hi Debbie, I have just turned 51 and was diagnosed with MSA last year. After many visits to my GP I knew something was wrong with me and was finally referred to a Physytian who started to diagnose my problem. Symptoms appeared over several years starting with bouts of low blood pressure, frequent nightly toilet visits, low sex drive and walking like a drunk. I have been living a nightmare ever since. Not having contact with other sufferers has been quite difficult. I live in
Melbourne and am still quite active. My balance is getting worse, I still drive and also have an electric buggy that I get around on. My blood pressure is very erratic dropping to about 70/40 very quickly without warning. I have to catheterise 100% and my speech is staring to slurr. I cannot work anymore and am struggling to deal with the whole thing. The uncertainty of change doesn’t help. I know it’s going to get worse, but when and what next? It’s also very hard on family.
I would be happy to discuss further with you.