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    Thank you John for this website. Finding useful information in one spot is so helpful. We are five years into my 56 year old husband’s MSA, incorrectly diagnosed as PD of course. We live in the states in Wisconsin. We haven’t found any doctors here that have actually heard of MSA. We go to specialists in the Chicago area.

    I’m wondering if your wife had ever gotten a trach and it not, why not? My husband has bilateral vocal cord paralysis with severe stridor. In September he had a life saving surgery on the vocal cords (a keyhole opening at the top to allow more air through) and a trach for an emergency backdoor. The stridor went away and breathing improved. He has since pulled the trach and the stridor is returning with breathing issues coming back. Funny though as the trach was always plugged. The trach did allow him to clear the mucous from his throat through the trach and since he pulled it, he can’t clear his throat as well. We are going to have to get another trach soon. Things continue to progress and your website has given me great insight as to whats to come and things we need to consider and plan for. Thank you again.


    John Cummings

    Hi Linda – my wife never had a trach because although she had trouble swallowing, and she did have some stridor, she didn’t have trouble breathing.


    There is a doctor in Waukesha, Wi. My grandmother was diagnosed with it right before passing in 1998. Prayers to your family.

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Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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