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    Phoebe Harrison

    My husband was diagnosed with MSA in 2009 and as we were told there was no hope of recovery we followed the naturopathic path. The only thing that gave us any hope of recovery was a book given by a friend. It is called ‘Stop Parkin, Start Walkin’ by John Coleman. We met John and began on his program.
    This worked well until towards the end of 2012 when Baden began falling.
    He continued to get worse until early May when he was put in hospital.
    The hospital staff suggested a nursing home at this stage.
    I brought him home and with some help managed or should I say coped.
    He required a hoist, commode, and all the paraphernalia that goes with such lack of mobility. Our house became a nursing home with hospital beds, wheelchair and so on.
    We continue the naturopathic program we were on but have now found an excellent Bowen practitioner who comes to the house once a week.
    Baden is now once again mobile (with a walker), he is not sleeping all day as he was and complains of boredom (a good sign he is getting better).
    He now walks every day around the street and seldom falls.
    My reason for writing is that if this info can help anyone else in the situation we found ourselves in then I will be happy. Living with MSA is ones worst nightmare.
    My advice is find a good Bowen therapist and do a little often. It is working for Baden.

    I will be happy to talk to anyone about our experience

    Good luck



    Hi Phoebe,
    sorry to hear your husband has this terrible disease also , my husband was diagnosed in 2007 , he is still able to get around the house with a walker but very slowly , and doesnt do very much theses days and doesnt seem very interested in much at all , but im intruiged about the bowen ,i have had this done myself some time ago and found it helpful for fibromyalgia so i would aprciate so more info if thats possible i live in western australia. all the best
    regards kathy

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