Hi Marilyn ,
In the case of MSA a doctor can only give you a possible or probable diagnose, a definitive is only pathologically confirmed. Seeking another opinion will also only give you these same possible or probable diagnose if they feel it is MSA.
MSA can have the symptoms of Parkinson but has a fast progression compared to Parkinson. The swallowing and weakness can be part of the MSA symptoms. Doctor’s who treat MSA , treat it with the same medications that most Parkinson patients are treated with.
I know it’s hard for both you and your husband to be ill and both with a PD & a PD+ type of illness, but in most cases what you are doing for your care , will also be the same for your husband.
Watch for infections pneumonia or Bladder (UTI’s) and see that those are treated right away.
If you haven’t joined the shy-drager yahoo group
http://health.groups.yahoo.com/group/shydrager/ . You will find that helpful and depending on where you are in the states, there are region support groups on facebook with other’s in your same area.
As I can see you are doing a very good job in the care of your husband ,while facing an illness yourself