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    Barbara Carne

    I would like to hear from anyone who is suffering from MSA-C. My husband 73 has been diagnosed with this recently. His signs were drunk walking gate at night all the time now, coughing when eating food , sleep problems, bad restless legs in bed at night. Just recently he has had a fainting spell after getting out of a chair too quickly and walked away and down he went.
    He has been going to a physiotherapist for his balance issues and with a set of daily exercises this has helped a great deal. More confident walking .I am about to make an appointment to see a Speech Pathologist re his coughing ,as we have just discovered that swallowing problems is part of this MSA issue.
    I would be interested if anyone has tried acupuncture or natural therapy’s that have helped. Regards,

    kathy fahey

    Hi barbara my name is kathy ,my husband has msa, the one that is effected by the cerrabellum ,he has trouble walking, talking, coughs a lot and has terrible like hiccips sounds, lots of trouble swollowing, and just recently has had two uti,s he is slowly getting worse and spends most of the day reading or watchung tv which i feel is bordom as he has limited movement ,he is 68 yrs old and was diognosed 7yrs ago its a terrible disease and my heart goes out to all that are going thru this terrible disease ,all the best with everything kathy



    I have MSA-C, but have not tried acupuncture or natural medicine. Some people get pain relief with acupuncture; but nothing has been proven to help stop or reverse MSA. Best wishes.

    Gary from WA
    MSA dx’d 2008

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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