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    Gina Cash

    I just wanted to post a few comments here in case this could help any MSA suffers. I am a Personal trainer and have been working with a client for a year now that was diagnosed with MSA 2yrs ago, a year before I met him. He is a 55yo male, had been very active, skier, hiker, etc… He walked with a cane when I met him, balance was horrible, hunched over, physically he seemed to be going downhill fast! But thus guy is determined to physically and mentally fight this disease every step of the way. I write his exercise programs that he does on his own 2days/wk and I work with him 2x wk. He has made huge leaps and strides. He no longer uses his cane, played racquetball last month with me for the first time in 3 yrs, stands up straighter, balance has improved dramatically, i have him jogging now, and he ran his first 5k color run last night! He does still have some bladder issues, but his sweat glands work more efficiently now and most of his other symptoms are rare occurrences ,

    Don’t lose hope… Working with mark has changed my life too! I won’t let him lose sight of what he can do !!



    I’ve had symptoms for almost 3 years.
    Just wondering if tachycardia is a common symptom of MSA? I have lots of symptoms including tachycardia, lightheadedness, weakness, body aches, twitches, memory and cognition problems… Do these sound like MSA? Doctors tell me it’s all in my head. I’m 38 year old woman with 4 young children.
    Thank you



    Wow sounds great. What did he do to improve so much? Would really like like more info. Please share.
    Thank you


    Debbie Templeton

    Hi gina,
    Thanks for taking the time to blog your experience:) it’s very much appreciated! Ian is really suffering with pain in his hips and back, so it is hardto motivate him into any exercise! He is taking coconut oil that helps him so much, but he sometimes forgets to take it and he ends up very sore very quick:( it is truly hard sometimes to stay positive and up beat! But hearing your story certainly helps:)
    Thanks Debbie Templeton



    Oh word Gina Cash,
    As tears of happiness both for u and your client stream down my face I sadly remember the hardship this disease caused my amazing father in law. But I am encouraged that should this same fate befall my husband I will attack this with all my might and I will search for someone like you in my country.
    Thank you and never give up.

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