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    Karina Monaghan

    Thank you for setting up this page. I have referred to it throughout the past 5 years as my dad battled MSA. Sadly, he passed away last Saturday after fighting the disease since 2007. He was 67.
    It is such a horrible illness and my dad fought it with such dignity and strength, right up until the very end. I think the most frustrating thing for both him and the family was the fact that his brain was still functioning as if he was not ill. He could still speak and understand the French he learnt in primary school, could easily solve the most cryptic of crosswords and was up to date in all of the lives of his children and grandchildren. It was just that he was completely trapped into a body that refused to work. The highlight of our times together were those rare occasions when he would actually smile and laugh aloud, especially when one of his grandkids were being funny.
    Thank you again for this beautiful tribute to your wife and for keeping the fight and awareness alive in finding a cure for MSA.
    Karina Monaghan

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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