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    Kathy Fahey

    Hi John ,

    I also read your very moving and brave story, you had such great love and patience, I only hope I can have the same for my husband of 47 yrs who has msa now for five years, he is slowly getting worse his spends more and more time resting and has very little strength , my question to you thou is, with all yor dealings with msa have you heard of people having constant hiccups . i know msa sufferers sigh gulp when swallowing and make a few other sounds but all my research i cant find anyone that had the constant hiccup and its very frustrating for him and annoying to me on top of all the other sounds he tends to make .

    I hope you dont mind me emailing you but we dont seem to get much help from our doctor and im at my wits end so if you could possibly give me an answer id be grateful

    I Thank you for time and wish you all the very best

    kind regars kathy


    Hi Kathy

    Sorry to hear about your husband with MSA.

    I have not personally come across hiccupping associated with MSA. I would suggest perhaps talking to a Gastroenterologist. Are you in Sydney? – I understand they have a good Neurology service at Westmead Hospital.

    I have copied this reply to Vera James who is an MSA support specialist in the USA who may be able to shed some light on this symptom.


    Hello Kathy,
    My husband has msa and he suffered from hiccups that would go on for days at a time. The three times this occurred he ended up in ER. It was finally determined that one of his medication triggered this occurrence. He no longer suffers from that problem, and I say that problem because he has every problem surviving but that. We live in Happy Valley, Oregon.


    hi Jacquline ,
    thank you for your response much appriciated , and sorry to hear about your husband its a terrible disease ,i will mention to our doc about it ,but my hubby only takes meds for indergestion but you never no, he hiccups all the time probably 50 times while he is awake its so frustrating for him often he sounds like he is dry reaching , thanks again for your input , all the best


    Hello Kathy
    my wife has been diagnosed with MSA. She also went through a time period of severe hiccups. they passed without knowing why but her meds have been changed as well. good luck to you both.


    Hi Mark ,
    sorry to hear your wife has this terrible disease also, glad your wife’s hiccups have gone, my hubby’s seem to have worsened as time goes on,the doctors have no idea only that it must be to do with his swallow he isn’t on any medication so I’m at my wits end as its very annoying for us both.

    all the best to you and your wife

    king regards kathy


    My husband has had msa for almost 8 years now. He used to get hiccups that lasted for days without stopping. He went to ER for relief but they didn’t know much. Finally a dr. from UCLA recommended Baclofen! It worked like a dream. I just keep some on hand and administer during a hiccup episode until they go away. It will make your husband quite sleepy and out of it. Those long term hiccups set your husbands health back and it’s hard to gain ground again. My husband is on no specific meds. It has to do with the inability to control the air passing in and out. This will surely help!

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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