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    linda mcallister

    thank you so very much for this site. My husband of 47 years was recently diagnosed with msa…. we live in a small town in Oregon and have very little info other than the internet… the 2 neurologists we have seen just gave us a diagnosis and sent us on our way. We both have counselors, he has a nutritionist and physical therapist. most days we walk or go to the gym so we are grateful that he has most of his abilities. One of my many frustrations is not finding any wellness info……surely being mentally and physically active must have some benefits. we are thinking of seeing a naturopath in that we would expect a more positve approach…. do you have an opinion on that or websites we should visit. thanks in advance. we have so many questions…..on the bright side, we are working on the bucket list and just had a wonderful Hawaii trip.


    Hi Linda

    So sorry to hear your husband has been diagnosed with MSA. I am not able to comment on wellness information except to say that proper diet and exercise can only be beneficial but whether or not it can slow down MSA – I cannot say. I have copied two ladies on this reply – Vera is in the US and Pam is in Canada – if anyone is aware of any wellness advice for people with MSA and their Carers, then they will know.

    Phoebe Harrison

    Dear Linda,
    My husband was diagnosed with MSA in 2009. We went the naturopathic way as our neurologist gave us no hope at all. He actually improved on a program of no chemicals in the house, good food, Bowen massage, aquas (www.aquaformulas.com), vitamins etc. He has this summer begun to get worse. We did get 4years respite for which we are thankful but don’t know what else to try. Naturopath says it is 80% love, laughter and meditation, 16% aquas, 3% Bowen, 1% everything else. At the moment we find it hard to laugh. We are in the country in Australia.
    regards Phoebe

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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