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    Nadine Peterson

    Thank you for the wonderful site. Congrats on finding happiness after going through this terrible disease. My husband has been diagnosed with MSA and recently has started having “spells” for lack of knowing what word to use to describe it. He begins drooling very badly, says he has a bad taste in his mouth, tightens and extends his lower jaw, his personality changes and he becomes very agitated, trouble seeing and says his head feels strange and his balance is off. Has anyone else experienced this? It started about two months ago but it’s happening more frequent. I appreciate any comments.


    During these times your husband is having these spells you may want to check and see if his bloodpressure has dropped. Balance, blurried vision and head feeling strange can all be a symptom that is a drop in blood pressure (Orthostatic Hypotension). For drooling there are Scopolamine patches or scopoderm T that has helped some of the patients with that problem. Other’s may need to use a suction machine.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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