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    Can anyone tell me whether shortness of breath and sleep apnea are symptoms of MSA? It seems that very few people have this symptom and this is the problem that worries us the most because my sister who has been diagnosed with MSA has blocked breath day and night and this has been for years. We don’t know whether it’s related to MSA or it’s a separate issue.



    geraldine rose

    Karen – have emailed the address that came through on email from here but not sure as it had .como on end – you are welcome to email me on clrintas@yahoo.com.au (just in case you don’t get my mail)
    cheers, Geraldine


    Karen Guo

    He Geraldine
    Here is Karen. I wonder whether you know whether Bowen therapy is effective to MSA.



    Shortness of breath and sleep apnea are related to MSA. The vagus is deteriorating, this cranial nerve works the lungs and heart. sleep apnea occurs because the musculature in the air pasages are becoming lax – weakening. A C-pap machine would benefit. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Positive_airway_pressure

    49 years old with MSA (c).


    kathy fahey

    Hi Lisa ,
    i wonder if perhaps you could answer my question,my hubby has msa-c has had it for 7 years now suffers all the problems but he also has these terrible hiccups constantly ,
    after he eats and drinks is worse but it happens all the time its so annoying and now he is not wanting to go out in public because they are so loud he is embarrased. we have asks the doctor ,speech pathologist any one we can but all anyone says is its the msa ,but i have asked many msa sufferers and no one seems to suffer with them they cough but thats all, he cough a lot also .have you come accross this complaint.
    i wish you all the best



    Hi Kathy,
    My husband has MSA-P and has the same hiccup issue. One time they lasted continuously for several days. He was exhausted and we tried everything to stop them. The meds that would normally stop them also lower blood pressure and his is already low so we couldn’t chance it. His neurologist tried him on Gabapentin and it stopped them! This is not normally used for hiccups but he thought it was worth trying and it worked! He did not stay on it but we might discuss it at the next visit since he is embarrassed and doesn’t want to go out.


    Terri Robertson

    I have a pacemaker, and some adjustment was made to reduce the hiccuping.



    Hello Kathy

    I get hiccough occasionally. I am wondering if your hubands hiccoughs are actually burping related to gastric reflux, which I get a lot of – just another anutonomic nervous system malfunction. Get your husband to see his doctor about getting some Nexium for gastric reflux, it may take some weeks to really start working but it does work.. Nexium is know as a ‘proton pump inhibitor’. Proton pumps are the cells in the stomach that produce stomach acid – Nexium reduces the production of stomach acid.
    Please tell your husband not to worry about loud burping in public, we have enough to worry about. Just burp say “Excuse me” and carry on – there are far worse habits performed by some people on purpose.



    kathy fahey

    thankyou terri i will check with our doctor and see if kerry can try the gabapentin and someone else mentions baclofen we will try anything at this stage i feel they have enough to deal with without the hiccups as well ,all the best to you both kathy



    I hope you find the best medicine for the needs



    Hi my 18 yearold son has was diagnosed a year ago with olivopontocerebellar degeneration known as msa. He does alot of gasping to get air. He takes tranquil sleep pills sold in health food store to get a proper nights rest. N has gastroparesis w tremor on right side n low blood pressure. Naturopathic docs help more then his neurologist

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