John Ellis

For one of your answers as far as early symptoms and these coming and going yes it does happens. Most of us I say who have MSA have good days and bad days. I had symptoms starting with ED, restless leg syndrome then urinary dysfunction then OH and ataxia. I went to 4 neurologist over 4 years before one connected the dots and one more testing for a week. Since my diagnosis is May of 2011 I have had the above symptoms plus now gastrogaresis, constipation and joints which seem to get frozen or sticky. Join the yahoo shydrager syndrome group we have a lot of nice really caring people were you can get good advise and vent your anger at whoever or whatever. I find your BP readings really weird because 23/30 you would be out and 10 minutes well does not make since. I passed out in less than 2 minutes. Hope to hear from you. Oh the theory why some MSA symptoms come and go is that neuro transmitters are malfunctioning in the cerebellum but why not yet known except there seems to be a build up of some sort of protein that inhibits neurons. I had a spinal tap and had to be tapped 5 times because my spinal fluid was so thick. Later…