Thank you John and Pam for all of the resources you have provided.
Just a clarification on the BP…..it fell from 80/60 to 33/22 after being up for 10 minutes. What was strange was it hung at 80/60 for those 9 minutes then plummeted so fast While it was falling that low she flipped the table back and I was close to passing out but was able to stay somewhat alert. Took a while to feel better again.
My gastro, and vision stuff seem to always be present, what comes and goes is the muscle joint stiffness. Most of my stiffness is in the back of my head down my neck across my shoulders, and the down the center of my chest. I have lost most of my range of motion in my neck on my right side in the morning but by night time I have gained about 3/4 of it back.

Anyway, thanks you both again. I am going to follow all of the links and join the group. Appreciate you reaching out. From what I have read and heard it is a long process. Patience is not a vertue of mine.

From someone who went 24/7. I find it strange and difficult to have been forced to become so idle.