Hi everyone! I feel for everyone out there with msa. Iam a mom and a caregiver to a 18 yearold son. Theres not one day i dont shed tears for my son that i see suffering every day. He had a brain tumor at age 3 removed w no chemo n no radiation. His left side was affected had to terach him to walk sit n crawl all over again. Over the years he got better but i noticed about grade 6 his right side started weaking tremor in his right hand always fatigue low blood pressure. He had a stroke a year ago after exercising. But then was diagnosed w olivopontocerebellar degeneration. Known as msa. Hes finishing his last year if school is always in pain stiff muscles very tired mood swings are horrible. His digestion is very poor did all kinds of tests on stomach cant find anything. He cant eat as he wishes does alot of gasping for air body leans to the right n has leg n back pain. Anyone out there with this disease at such a young age? Doctors r no help. They just ssy look it up on cimputer. My son does not know what disease he has keeping it from him so he doesnt fall into a deeper depression.