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    Anne Mallen

    Hi John, my husband was diagnosed with MSA in October 2012. We have been spending a lot of time in Aireys Inlet lately and I am now considering a move to Anglesea. I was checking out the local clubs etc and came across your name for the crossword group. I wonder if you could spare me say half an hour one day to meet for a chat. There are so many things to consider it is difficult to know what is best. Ronan is still ambulatory, walking with a stick, but he also has quite a few cognitive issues. I have found your website extremely helpful, especially at the start when we had no idea what we were facing. Thank you for putting so much information out there. If you do not have time to meet, perhaps we could talk on the phone. Thanking you in advance, Anne

    John Ellis

    Sorry I have not replied to your chat request. I have been battling joint encapsulation which is what they call my problem with my shoulder joints. Since my balance is so screwed up I try to stay in a wheelchair except when cling to walls and cane at home. I have most symptoms of MSA except for swallowing problems and most of my problems are mild which I hope they stay that way. They say that most MSA patients are confined to a wheelchair before there 5 year and totally bed confined after that. I hate said news or words like this. I really believe that the Lord is or has cured me or at least he plans to keep me around for reasons unknown. E-mail more or call if you like. I don’t always have my cellphone on but if you leave message I will call back. (903-245-9352) Tyler, Texas ) Central Time.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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