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    Cathy Pfeil

    Note: This post is in reply to Sandy’s post of 15 September 2013 – see below. I have moved it here as it may otherwise get overlooked – JC.

    You were asking about alternative medicine. Here is my list of what I have tried:
    Heller work, Rolfing, Watzu water therapy, Homeopathies, herbs, vitamins, acupuncture, osteopathic adjustments, chiropractic adjustments, cranial Sacral adjustments, specific chiropractic work that only adjusts the neck.

    I have gone to Brazil to see John of God, have many kinds of hands on healing like Reiki and therapeutic Touch and several “tapping” techniques to “clear emotional interference causing disease”. I have done past life therapy, had an exorcisms to remove the bad entity causing my sickness, from several different cultural perspectives. I have seen a Shaman, therapists, re-read my fortune cookie that reminded me that I will find peace in all I do.
    And a whole bunch of other things, really for a while I was doing everything., oh and I am on as many prayer circle lists that is humanly possible.

    So what works? All of it and none of it. I find I do what feels good, what helps me feel nurtured and well. I lean towards therapies that see the world as connected, not that there is some bad whatever that has caused my illness. Today the best therapy for me is massage. I am so fortunate my insurance pays for part of this.

    I have meals delivered three nights a week from Meal Train friends and family. The soup they bring fills in nicely so I always have some nice homemade soup in the fridge. That fills my heart, soul and tummy!

    I am thinking of creating a program like Meal Train (or with them) about visits and people with the desire to be of healing. Including the length of the visit (short and sweet) with the understanding that me saying I have had enough trumps all.
    On my “alternatives allowed” list is:
    Hands on healing with out talking;
    sitting quietly in meditation and prayer;
    a chocolate shake from Big Tom’s, a family run burger stand in our town; or if I am doing well, arrange to take me someplace with my electric cart, for lunch, a drive, or a movie (my energy level trumps all and we head home)
    Bring a book you like, a DVD or something spiritual and then we can have a discussion afterwards.
    Cookies are welcome, but an hour in my garden is even more welcome!
    Help me go through my books, and be ready for long stories about each one of the many authors I have met, and the enjoyment I received from reading that book. Now I lovingly pass them on.

    Find your pace, do something you love everyday and include something “non-medical” in your routine. I find my words/thoughts create my actions and my emotional response to what is happening so stay positive! Oh yes, keep people who see you as a walking (okay, rolling) doomsday, on some death timetable, and feel the need to add that they think that “this is the most horrible disease ever” FAR AWAY.

    Only patients and our caretakers know the truth of what is real for us day today. If any one wants to rave and cry for a bit I am ready to hear you, this is part of healing too.

    Peace to you all,
    Cathy Pfeil
    I blog about MSA and was recently interview on Hay House Radio (I spoke about MSA) Both of these and much more can be found on my webpage:

    Sandra McPhall


    Thank you for your reply. In September 2013 I found the book: Stop Parkin’ and Start Livin’ by John Coleman. We read his book then on October 15th my husband began the protocol outlined in the book including Aqua homeopathic drops, Bowen Therapy, diet, exercise, meditation, etc. My husband began improving within weeks. While he is not completely symptom free yet, he is showing slow and steady improvements each month.

    John Coleman lives in Australia. He was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease in 2005, 3 years later he was and still is symptom free. John has worked with over 2,500 clients with all the neurological diseases; MSA, Parkinson’s, MS, ALS, etc.

    According to John Coleman, 80% of his and his clients recovery is attributed to using the Aqua hydration drops, 20% of the recovery is attributed to Bowen Therapy. According to John Coleman, within 3 months of taking the Aqua Homeopathic Drops the client will begin feeling better, within 3 years the client will be symptom free.

    It is my sincere hope that others will read this good news and will be able to benefit from John Coleman’s work.
    Love to all, Sandy from Michigan, USA

    Debbie Templeton

    Hi Cathy,
    we live in central queensland Australia. My husband IS 43 and has just been diagnosed with MSA -P. We are crazily trying to find as mush info as possible. In three years ian has pretty much lost all use of his right arm and hand. His right leg is shocking and his gait is very laboured. we are really just hoping for a miracle. He has been put on Parkinsons medication.


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