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    Martin Davies

    Hi John
    You may not remember me, but you kindly rang me after I contacted you back in 2003 — in desperation — regarding my father, who acquired MSA in is early 70s. Dad took his own life at the age of 73 rather than face his declining prospects. I recall you rang me not long after this occurred, unawares that it had happened only a day or so before. You were ringing to inform me about palliative care options I recall. I was probably rather short with you on the ‘phone, but I was still in shock. Now 10 years on, the pain has dimmed somewhat, for my family and I, time has lessened the trauma, but how I still miss my Dad so very much. It is a truly terrible disease, and I wish all those suffering from it all my sympathy and support. Today I hear that the US government is putting a great deal of money into “mapping” brain connections. This may, in time, lead to some benefits for MSA sufferers.

    Do keep the site going, as many learn and benefit from it.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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