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    Phoebe Harrison

    Further to my posting on this site in July Baden has continued to improve. He is now walking using a stick only which he carries rather than uses. In the house he doesn’t bother with it. He can generally now toilet himself and clean his teeth alone.
    I am able to spend time in the garden and check on him every hour or so rather than stay inside. We continue the Bowen therapy weekly (our therapist comes to the house) But Baden is able to visit his GP, dentist etc when necessary. For a while we couldn’t get him in the car. He seems to be getting stronger but the fatigue still worries him.
    I found another website worth looking at for anyone interested. It is about MS but relates to any auto immune diseases. Anything that gives hope is worth a try.
    Life for me is now so much better. Baden sleeps all night and that is so much better for both of us. He has a urodome for nights so we don’t have to get up for the toilet.
    A good nights sleep is essential for the carer.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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