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    Michael Chahine


    I wish/want to conduct a survey of MSA-C sufferers only. I have been diagnosed with this condition which does not make me all that happy. The doctor professor is only 60% and wants me to obtain a second opinion. Can you believe that the “second opinion” is not until May 2015. There apparently is “no cure” and there is no 100% diagnosis (wait until you die seems the only way to determine this illness) beyond reasonable doubt.

    The idea behind the survey is to gather information that may provide some discernible info for possible treatments and or cures. The areas that one could examine??

    Location of dwelling – amount of air pollution and toxins in the area
    Medicines used or taken …………besides MSA treatments
    Exercise and sports activities
    Doctors in Sydney because of the excessive workloads cannot see me until May. The appointments I have had over these past 2 years have had a period of roughly 6 months.

    So I am here in Northern Thailand having daily easy to access reasonably priced treatments until end March.
    Hydro treatment with therapist A$20, without therapist use of heated hospital pool $4
    Acupuncture $10-20 per treatment
    Foot spa detox $22
    Full body therapeutic massage. 1 hour $12 including tip
    Head shoulder back and neck 1 hour $12-14
    Colon cleans $35
    There are many more treatments that are available here in Chiangmai
    My diet is healthy organic mostly vegetarian – pesticide free.

    I want to overcome this disease and will try anything,

    The survey might help me and other sufferers to finding some respite from this outrageous frustrating illness.
    I hope that you can help with this concept John??
    It has more than likely already been done??
    Thank you – I really do hope that I hear from you/someone.

    Kind regards
    Michael Chahine


    Michael, is there anyway I could get in contact with you?
    My dad suffers from MSA-C and seems to have the same mindset as you do. Maybe we can help eachother?

    Kind Regards,

    Pernilla (f.pernilla@gmail.com)

    Trish Coffey

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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